【Nagoya Breakfast】Only $4.00 – AMANI’s coffee at Takabata station


This coffee shop is 2 stores in Aichi prefecture. It’s seems like a restaurant, you will be feel free to choice a coffee shop.



Many elderly people come to the shop morning. They will be talking with friends.



You can choice A or B breakfast plate if you order a cup of coffee or glass of juice. It’s free. C to G menu is delicious Japanese foods. It needs additional cost 80 yen to 230 yen. Good cost performance if you want to eat Japanese breakfast.

  • A: A toast, Fresh salad and boiled egg.
  • B: An organic toast, fresh salad and boiled egg.
  • C: A or B set change from a toast to two croissants. (+80 yen)
  • D: Roasted salmon, fresh salad, rice and Miso soup. (+180 yen)
  • E: Roasted salmon, fresh salad, fresh egg, rice and Miso soup. (+230 yen)
  • F: Roasted salmon, fresh salad, Natto(*1), rice and Miso soup. (+230 yen)
  • G: Roasted salmon, fresh salad, Ochazuke(*2) and Miso soup. (+230 yen)
*1Natto is really popular Japanese food. It’s fermented soybeans.
*2Ochazuke is a bowl of rice, covered with some appetizing food such as salmon, nori etc., immersed in tea and eaten hot


◆A set $4.00

I selected A set. It’s normal breakfast plate. Many coffee shops have a breakfast menu of Nagoya city.

The store is a little far from Nagoya station but you can meet usual Japanese people and Japanese life style. And if you like a RAMEN, famous RAMEN shop is this area. It’s MENYA HANABI.

Store Information

  • Store name: AMANI’s coffee – Takabata branch
  • Address: 1-643, Noda Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya Aichi
  • Breakfast hour: 6:00-11:30
  • Price: 4.00+tax
  • Payment: Cash or credit card
  • Hours : 6:00-20:00
  • Holiday: Everyday open

Price will change from Japanese Yen to US dollars by exchange rate.

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